Top 7 Courses to Learn Flutter in 2021

Flutter is developing very quickly — according to StackOverflow, this technology is already the ninth most popular technology, although it is only two years old. Development on Flutter is faster and cheaper, and applications are almost indistinguishable from native ones. The demand from customers is growing, and the number of developers on Flutter is still negligible.

I have collected the best Flutter courses. With them, you will learn the basics of the Dart programming language, which Flutter runs on, from scratch, as well as create a cross-platform mobile application for your portfolio. Compare by program, cost and teaching staff, choose the most suitable course for you.

Well, let’s go!

Flutter & Dart — The Complete Guide [2021 Edition]

Fresh course from Udemy where you will learn everything you need to create engaging apps for iOS and Android. Here they will tell you how to use Google Maps, device camera, authentication, and many other basic and advanced features that, according to the creators of the course, are not found in any other course. Learn More →

The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Another course from Udemy created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team. Here you will be taught all the basic concepts of developing Flutter applications from scratch. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to program in Dart and receive a portfolio of 15+ applications. Sounds tempting! Learn More →

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide

This course not only covers developing Flutter applications but also covers the basics of Dart programming. Here you will learn the basic concepts of RxDart, animation, architectural patterns, and navigation. Learn More →

Flutter: Getting Started

In this course from Plutralsight, you will learn the fundamentals of Flutter development, including creating a user interface, using animation, and building a database. Despite the fact that the Pluralsight courses are paid, you can take advantage of the 10-day trial, which gives you access to all the materials. Although there is a daily limit of 200 minutes to watch lectures, this will be enough for you to complete the course. Learn More →

The Official Flutter Tutorial from Google

As you already understood from the name, this is the official collection of tutorials on learning and building Flutter apps from Google. This completely free tutorial teaches you how to use the Flutter framework to create mobile apps for iOS and Android, including creating layouts, adding interactivity, animation, and multilingualism to your apps. Learn More →

Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter

A course from Udacity in which you learn to use Flutter to quickly create high-quality interactive mobile apps for iOS and Android. The highlight of the course is step-by-step instructions from Google experts on creating native applications. Learn More →

Flutter & Dart — The Complete Flutter App Development Course

Fully hands-on course on Flutter and Dart development. A great chance to reinforce theoretical knowledge in practice and get several working applications in your portfolio. Learn More →

So, I hope you can choose something useful for yourself, and do not forget to share this post with your friends who are also interested in Flutter!



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